Introduction – Mad Cookies Studio Devblog #1

Hey! Before we start this devblog series, we should introduce ourselves. We are Mad Cookies Studio (yes, we know that the domain says Mad Cookies Games, move on, nothing to see here), and we are a small game development studio from a small country named Slovakia (which is next to some other countries you probably don’t know).

Before we can fully kickstart this devblog series, we should catch up from our beginning. These first episodes will be a little bit different from our regular devblog. Don’t worry, we are a very new studio, so it won’t take long. But oh boy, our journey has been a wild ride so far!

Butterfly Effect

Yes, that’s a name of a time travel movie and this… And we didn’t mean any of those two. We are a group of alumni students from an educational program called, well, you guessed it right…Butterfly Effect.

Butterfly Effect has been established by a few CEOs of a big (by the standards of our country, of course) companies, to simply do something good and teach talented people to be even… more talented? Long story short – We have made our first mobile game in five months with the help from our professional mentors, yay!

That’s us, on the very last day of the Butterfly Effect program

Cargo Ship Stacking

Cargo Ship Stacking is a product of our Butterfly Effect journey and it’s a hypercasual, physics-based mobile game. Your goal is to load the ship with various cargo without losing it or sinking the ship. As you progress, new worlds are unlocking and so are new ships with new containers to load.

Snímka obrazovky
First level of Cargo Ship Stacking

Since this is a devblog, we should talk about numbers. As of today, the game got around 2200 downloads on Google Play Store. We had a small ad campaign with a budget of around 240€, and it brought us around 70% of our user base. The game doesn’t have any IAP, but it has interstitial ads and rewarded video ads to skip levels. So far this game has generated a revenue of a whopping $7.53.

So, was the game a success? Well yes, but actually no. Why yes? The thing is, apart from one team member, no one in the team has ever worked with Unity Engine. Or made models for a mobile game. We had the experience, otherwise, they wouldn’t choose us for the program. But almost none of us had that specific skill set that was required for this.

Why no? Hmm, maybe if we look at it now, having more than 2000 downloads for our first game with a tiny budget is not that bad at all. But of course, we would do a lot of things differently now. The game is not perfect, and yes, we’ve made a lot of bad choices which slowed us down, but hey! It kickstarted our studio, and without this particular game, we wouldn’t be writing this devblog right now.

If you want to try Cargo Ship Stacking, feel free to download it from Google Play Store

Devblog series

We want to write these devblogs weekly to keep you updated with our projects or the studio itself. Let us know on our social media, if you like this approach or if you want to read about something specific. These upcoming weeks and months will be packed with a lot of news, so stay tuned!

Where you can find us?:

We are now on Youtube, where Kryštof, our lead designer, will guide you through the development of one of our part-time projects called Blind Faith, made with Godot Engine.

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