True Bros – Mad Cookies Studio Devblog #2

Hey! We hope that you liked the first episode of our special devblog series. We had so much fun writing it! But our history hasn’t been told fully yet, so let’s continue. If you are seeing this for the first time, and you want to start from the beginning, click HERE to open the first episode.

True Bros

Even though Cargo Ship Stacking was our first fully finished game, in November 2019, 2 months before finishing Cargo Ship Stacking, we took part in our local game jam called Bratislava Game Jam. SPOILER ALERT: We didn’t win. 🙁 But, we had a lot of fun. That counts, right?

Our game presentation at Bratislava Game Jam

Even though True Bros didn’t win the game jam, it helped to shape the final look of Cargo Ship Stacking. It showed us that we have the skill to make games and that we can work quickly. And, most importantly, it showed us that we can work together as a team. Most exhausting 48 hours in our game dev lives so far, but the result was worth it.

Gameplay from True Bros

We haven’t promoted this game apart from a few Twitter posts, so the game has only very few downloads. But that’s not why made the game anyways. The game is available on with currently 61 page views and 15 downloads and most of our itch page visits came from our website. If you want to try True Bros, it’s available on and playable on the Windows platform.

This episode is a little bit shorter because it has been a busy week for us. So if it wasn’t enough for you, you can watch a special devlog #3 on our YouTube channel, where is Kryštof, our lead designer, talking with Issy and Ruben about the story of one of our games in progress – Blind Faith.

Devblog series

We want to write these devblogs weekly to keep you updated with our projects or the studio itself. Let us know on our social media, if you like this approach, or if you want to read about something specific (we love challenges). These upcoming weeks and months will be packed with a lot of news, so stay tuned!

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