Dictator: Repair the Regime – Mad Cookies studio Devblog #3

WHAT?! It’s Sunday already? Oh, the time flies! Or we are just working too much? Or maybe it’s because of the apocalypse outside…Who knows…

Before we start

I just want to say thanks to everybody who is supporting us. That’s it. Okay, I lied, it’s not. We started a new podcast series (or should I call it “season 2”?) for our Czech and Slovak fans, and it’s now on YouTube. So if you are into podcasts about gamedev, we’ve got you covered! LINK TO THE FIRST PODCAST EPISODE

Dictator – Repair the Regime

Yeah, about that… Once upon a time (the day after our Butterfly Effect journey has come to an end), a few of our team members (Kryštof, Vajk, Lenka and Čoper) wanted to participate in the Global Game Jam. Or to be more specific, one of the “local” jams in Slovakia – Trnava Game Jam. Per the usual Mad Cookies game development routine, there was beer involved. Quite a lot of beer (gotta keep the beer statistics live). Before I tell you some more about the game: be informed that the theme of the game jam was “repair”.

Snímka obrazovky
Dictator – Repair the Regime

What is an interesting game material and needs to be repaired? System! And the idea of the Dictator was born… A crazy guy whose citizens want him to see dead. But how can they kill him and how can he do something about it? To answer the first question, please look at the beer count on our website. I’m actually not quite sure how they actually kill you, they just look at you and if you don’t kill them first (we’ll get to that part later) they’ll jump on you and voila, you are very, very dead…

But what happens if you catch them? O boy, I had to ask everybody in the team to get ONE GIF from the game 🙁 The thing is, when you catch one of the citizens staring at you, just tap on the screen and a GIANT finger will fall from the sky and squash them.

I’m almost 100% sure that you just stopped reading and started calling the FBI or something like that, but don’t worry, this is just satire.

Why is this “devblog” kind of different from the others? Well, I wanted to show you all our previous games, and I definitely cannot miss the “Dictator” because it’s a fun game. But, since it was made by our drunk members during a gamejam, there isn’t that much of a “behind the scenes” going on. Except for this:

  1. It was our first non-Butterfly Effect project made in our super architecture (we will do a tutorial series on this someday)
  2. No one literally downloaded the game, maybe because no one knew about it, or because we gave it a 59 cents price tag 😬

Alright, this is the last thing about the game. If you want to support us, you can get the game on the Google Play Store – it’s really not about the game, but it keeps our studio going for more exciting future projects.

Upcoming stuff

So, what’s next? There’s only one game left in our previous gamedev journey. Later we can talk about the present and some plans for the future. And hopefully, in 2 weeks there will be some good content to show you and talk about. Stay tuned!

See you next Sunday.

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