Blocky Dodge – Mad Cookies Studio Devblog #4

Hey! Sooooo, yeah, previous Sunday kinda didn’t work out… However, that’s not a very bad thing. It just means that we had a lot of work. Plus, we are getting closer and closer to start showing our projects to the world (or maybe I forgot to do this, who knows…).

Before we start

If everything goes as planned in the upcoming days, we will soon be returning to our office (finally!) and after that, we will do some exciting stuff on our YouTube channel. By that, we mean new devlogs, podcasts, Q&A videos…and some interesting guests from the Slovak game development scene!

The idea of “Blocky Dodge”

I had to check our repository to get the date… Anyways… It was a lovely quarantine evening, the 1st of April at 8 PM. I (Martin) was working with Kryštof on one of our projects, and in the meanwhile, we talked about hyper-casual games. During our talk, I showed him one concept I have found on the internet earlier that day. It was about a cube dodging enemies in a 3×3 grid, and he really liked it. We talked about the game and how we would approach it and make it better. After a few minutes, Kryštof was like “hey, would it be impossible to make it in a few hours?” and this part is where I did something bad. I replied to him, “of course not, we can make this in like 4-5 hours”.

It was 8:10 PM when our super Mad Cookies internal game jam started. 20 minutes later, the grid was ready, and is generated by code:

First ground spawning test

I was working on all the Unity coding and Kryštof was making all the graphics stuff.

Graphics sketch of the game

After 3 and a half hours of committing changes to our repository, the game started to look (and feel) kind of good.

Five minutes after midnight, we finished the gameplay part of the game. In other words, it was time to do some polishing. For example, adding a menu, and so on.

To make the movement smooth we used the DOTween plugin. Well, we used it for a lot of stuff later, like UI, camera shake, and so on… In other words, let’s say that it’s a powerful tool.

For the record, I had a timelapse from the whole development, but I forgot to back it up when I was reinstalling my PC (oops?). We added some fancy fonts, menu, icon, etc… Most importantly, we finally published it on Google Play. It took us 8 hours to make (and finish!) and publish the game. Here is the final result:

Final result of the Blocky Dodge game

That’s it for today! Hopefully, starting next Sunday, this devblogs will be focused on our current projects. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but I hope that you guys like medieval games (wink-wink).

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